Freedom of Information Act - Request Form Police

PLEASE NOTE: The Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) may require a public body to produce copies of documents to a requester.  Therefore, please provide a detailed description below of the documents you are seeking so that we may determine if we have the documents and if the FOIA allows us to give those items to you. For a copy of the Shelby Township procedures and guidelines pertaining to FOIA requests, visit our website at

FOIA Requests – Fee Schedule

Copy Paper:           $0.10 per sheet    

Photo Paper           $1.81 per sheet

Blueprint Copy:     $2.00 per sheet

CD’s:                          $0.12 each Vinyl CD

Flash Drive:            PURCHASE PRICE

Sleeve:                     $0.07 each             

Postage:                   Actual USPS Cost

Labor Research/Duplication/ Redaction:  $23.65 per hour ($19.97 wages / $3.68 fringe benefits you will be notified prior to the processing of this request of this wage rate differs.