Patrol Division

Our patrol division is split into 4 "platoons", 2 that work days and 2 that work nights. Each platoon works a 12 hour schedule on their assigned days or nights which results in our ability to provide patrol coverage to all 26 square miles of the Township 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

 Patrol officers are assigned to a specific area each shift and are responsible for the calls in that area during their shift.  Calls for service can range from anything from barking dog and loud neighbor complaints to armed robbery and violent assault calls.  Patrol officers also respond to non-criminal requests for service such as assisting stranded motorists, checking the welfare of sick or elderly neighbors, and occasionally relocating wayward wildlife. When the citizens of Shelby Twp are not calling our patrolmen and women for assistance, the officers check their assigned areas for traffic infract

ions, suspicious situations and any other situations where they may be of assistance.    Many of the officers on patrol are also assigned additional duties such as evidence technician, traffic investigator, TRU team member or community services, and must be ready at any time during their shift to act in those additional roles as well. 

While much of the patrol officer's day is spent running from call to call to call,  our patrol officers are also known to be fond of handing out ice cream

or Slurpee tickets and plastic badges to kids and checking in on businesses owners and residents throughout their shifts just to say "Hi" and see how things are going.