Online Forms for Commonly Requested Services

We're right here....but we need you to tell us what you need.  Some of these forms should help!

Vacation Checks- Going on vacation and want us to pay special attention to your home or business? Want us to call a relative or keyholder if we notice something out of place?  Send us the info by filling out a vacation check request on the Forms tab or click HERE.

Traffic Complaint- Having a traffic issue in your neighborhood? Do you want us to park the radar trailer somewhere specific?  Do you think we need to pay some extra attention to the speeders on your street?  Let us know by filling out a Traffic Complaint on the Forms Tab or click HERE.

Officer Praise / Officer Complaint - Did one of our officers do something you would like to recognize as outstanding?  Or maybe one of us did something you think we can try to do better next time?  We value your input.  Let us know by completing the form on the Forms Tab or click HERE.

Officer Presentation or Tour Request -  Have a pack of scouts that need an officer to speak to them. or a civic group that would like a tour of our station? Maybe you would like us to do a presentation for your homeowners group or a safety survey or training for your home or business.  Let us know on the Forms tab or by clicking HERE what you are looking for and we will see if we can be of service.

(Please note: we don't participate in birthday parties or drive-by celebrations, so requests of those types won't be accommodated. Thanks for understanding.)