The Shelby Township Police Department needs community members to actively assist us in maintaining a safe and secure community for all residents, taxpayers and visitors. To help us with this, we encourage the following:

Voice concerns about crime and disorder problems. Don’t wait until crimes occur or problems get out of control. Raise your concerns with us. If it is not an emergency situation contact our business line at 586-731-2121 or feel free to fill out a report or contact form on this website. If it is an emergency dial 911.

Report and provide information about crimes and suspicious activities. We need you to serve as our eyes and ears. You are in a better position to identify behavior and activities that are out of the ordinary in your residence or workplace. A quick and effective response by STPD officers is greatly assisted by accurate and timely reports of emergency or suspicious incidents. Crime prevention includes calling the STPD when you observe suspicious activity, calling if you are the victim of or become aware of a criminal incident, and informing the Department of potential public safety issues. If the STPD is not made aware of an incident we cannot provide assistance to those in need or work to prevent it from occurring again.

Work with the STPD to address and solve problems. We are only as effective as the relationships and partnerships we form with the community. When we work together with the community we are in a better position to develop long-term solutions to problems by addressing the root causes of a problem rather than just responding to it as an isolated incident.

Crime Prevention Speakers and Police Department Tours
Police Department tours are on hold until building renovations are completed. Renovations are expected to be complete by March 2021. You can request an Officer presentation by filling out the online form in the forms tab of this site, or by contacting Wendy Davis at 586-731-2121 ext. 307 to make arrangements.

Alarm Information & Registration
Pursuant to Ordinance of the Charter Township of Shelby, "Upon notification, any person, firm or corporation who owns, leases or occupies a premises in which an alarm system is installed, used or maintained, shall register such alarm system with the Shelby Township Police Department on forms provided by the Police Department; owners are required to inform the Police Department of changes to the information requested on those forms."  Please register your alarm system by filling out the registration form HERE.  Likewise, should you experience a change in your alarm company and/or contact persons, please be sure to submit those changes using the same link. For questions regarding alarm registration call 586-731-2121 ext. 306 or email

False Alarms - Important Note:
Shelby Township has a False Alarm Ordinance. Be certain that  your alarm system is in good working order to prevent false alarms. Substantial penalties may be imposed on repeated false alarms.  All outstanding fees not paid by mid-November are given to the Treasurer's Office for inclusion with the winter tax bill. The ordinance may be viewed by clicking  Alarm Systems Ordinance  and then clicking Chapter 22 on the left side, followed by clicking Article II - Alarm Systems in the center, near the top.  For your convenience, the department now accepts credit card payments for false alarm fees (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, debit cards).  A service fee is charged for each transaction.  Visit .  The Shelby Township False Alarm Payments Pay Location Code is a000ev.  GovPayNow phone number is 888-604-7888. The Consumer Affairs team created an online guide on home alarm and security systems.