Chief's Message

Dear Shelby Township,

01/12/2023 started my ninth year as your Chief of Police.  I would like to begin by saying thank you for your continued support of our department.  Community involvement and support are essential to ensuring our township remains one of the safest in the country.  The collaboration between members of the community and our officers ensures that we work together to identify and solve problems.  We are allies in the effort to maintain the quality of our neighborhoods, reduce crime, and ensure the safety of our citizens.  I want our community members to be active participants in the problem solving process by voicing their concerns, providing advice and assisting with creative solutions in order to proactively address conditions that give rise to public safety issues.

The collaboration described requires more than a simple decision to work together, it will require an intense and committed effort from all parties involved.  I have come to the realization that the most important thing I can do to ensure this partnership works is to hire the best and brightest people to serve our community.  In a day and age where law enforcement applicants are sparse, we have found creative ways to attract and recruit talented law enforcement professionals to our organization.  While other agencies were reducing the number of personnel and services, our department increased our sworn staff from 60 to 82 sworn officers and overall staff to 110 persons in order to provide more services to the community.  Additionally, through the perpetual support of the community and the Board of Trustees, we continue to cultivate our officer's skills through education and training.  We do this to ensure our officers are setting the standard for law enforcement excellence and providing the level of service our community deserves.

I am proud to serve Shelby Township and though the future may hold unforeseen challenges, my department's mission will endure.  We will continue to provide excellent service and protection, through professionalism, in partnership with the community.  We will do this by working hand in hand with the community we serve, developing positive relationships to build enduring solutions, and treating people with respect.  We are all collaborators in the quest for peace and prosperity.  The road ahead will require energy, creativity, understanding, and patience of all involved, but I know Shelby Township is up for the challenge!  


Robert J. Shelide

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt