Drug Recognition Expert (D.R.E.)

The Shelby Township Police Department makes every effort to keep our streets safe from motorists behind the wheel impaired by drugs or alcoholic beverages.  In an effort to help maintain safe roadways in Shelby Township, the department recently sent an officer to become certified as a Drug Recognition Expert (D.R.E.).  There are only three other certified Drug Recognition Experts in Macomb County, and only 150 certified D.R.E.'s in the entire State of Michigan.

A Drug Recognition Expert goes through extensive training to enhance an officers ability to identify, evaluate, and document suspected drug impairment.  A Drug Recognition Expert conducts a detailed, diagnostic examination of people arrested for impaired driving, but whose breath alcohol test results is low or even zero.  A Drug Recognition Expert is also often utilized in crashes that involve serious injuries and/or fatalities.

The D.R.E. examination takes approximately one hour to complete.  The D.R.E. evaluates and assesses the person's appearance and behavior.  They also carefully measure and record vital signs, while making precise observations of the person's automatic responses and reactions.  The D.R.E. also administers carefully designed psychophysical tests to evaluate the person's judgement, information processing ability, coordination, and various other characteristics.  The D.R.E. will systematically consider everything about the person that could indicate that they are under the influence of drugs/narcotics.  Additionally, a D.R.E.'s opinion is either corroborated or refuted by evidentiary blood tests results from the Michigan State Police Crime Lab.

By having an officer certified as a Drug Recognition Expert, this will help our mission to keep the streets and motorists of Shelby Township safe.