T.E.A.M. (Teaching, Educating, And Mentoring)



Officer Carrie Bennett of the Shelby Township Police Department is the departments T.E.A.M. Officer.  The Teaching, Educating, And Mentoring (T.E.A.M.) School Liaison Program is a school based "law related" education program taught by specially trained law enforcement officers.  T.E.A.M. is a proactive effort to make schools and communities safer, promote responsible citizenship, and encourage positive character traits.  The curriculum being taught is at a middle school level designed for sixth graders to provide students with a thorough understanding of laws and their responsibility as a citizen to obey laws with good decision making.  The T.E.A.M. School Liaison Program's goal is to unite educators, students, and law enforcement to play an integral part in preventing crime.  The philosophy is that while working together as a team we can create relationships and be united in protecting children from becoming victims of crime and making healthy decisions.  If your school would like to participate in our T.E.A.M. Program, contact Sgt. Mark Benedettini at (586) 731-2121 Ext. 358.