"The Four Pillars"

The Shelby Township Police Department utilizes the latest techniques in education, prevention, detection and enforcement. Our members undergo constant training to provide professional law enforcement services. Through a mutual effort with our citizens, businesses and community groups, Shelby's Police Department helps to keep the Township a place where people are secure in their homes, businesses and travels.

Our department and officers operate under the four pillars of professionalism, teamwork, preparedness and pride. This strategy of working with our partners in the community has seen the township recognized as the safest community of its size in Macomb County in 2019, 2018 and 2017 as well as one of the 50 safest cities in Michigan in 2017.

Police Department’s Four Pillars

Professionalism:  Means conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, ethical, accountability, and excellence. It means communicating effectively and appropriately and always finding a way to be productive. 

Teamwork: We understand that attitudes come from what one values and are then expressed in how we behave. In Shelby Twp. our emphasis is on collective performance, where we work in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust, working together cohesively where each individual’s strengths are valued.

Preparedness: Every member of our team is given the highest level of training and equipment which is constantly being updated to meet the demands of the ever evolving and changing world we live in. Each member of our department is required to routinely demonstrate the requisite knowledge, skills, attributes and abilities in order to perform their duties in an effective and efficient manner.

Pride: This is the cornerstone of our success as an organization. It is the satisfaction that comes with serving and protecting the community at the highest level. This is the kind of pride that comes from the competence we possess by being prepared and the confidence of having the support of a professional team behind Us.