Traffic Services

The Traffic Bureau is responsible for investigating all traffic crashes and enforcing traffic laws on the streets of Shelby Township. The crashes can range from minor fender benders to fatal accident investigations.  The Traffic Bureau also focuses of crash prevention and enforcing traffic laws on roadways where there are a high number of crashes or citizen complaints on particular streets. We also participate in alcohol enforcement details with neighboring agencies throughout the year. This program is grant funded, and allows us to place extra patrols throughout the year to focus solely on alcohol enforcement and drunk drivers. 

The Traffic Bureau officers all have advanced training in accident investigation, and one of our traffic officers is certified in accident reconstruction.  Our Motor Carrier Officer  has extensive training to enforce weights and the multitude of laws unique to trucks that travel throughout Shelby Township. Additionally, we have two officers who are certified in installing and inspecting child car seats. 

The Traffic Bureau is also responsible for all traffic related details such as road closures, parades, funeral details, and dignitary escorts. Further, we are responsible for the handling of abandoned automobiles within the Township and working in conjunction with local towing agencies to oversee their auto auctions throughout the year.

Have a traffic complaint?  Submit it directly to Traffic Services by filling out the Traffic Complaint Form on the Forms tab or by clicking HERE.