Crime mapping now available to view so residents can stay informed of incidents in their area

Interested in finding out what is happening in your neighborhood? Shelby Township Police Department's crime data can be found on, a web-based map of the Charter Township of Shelby. This allows residents to view reported, verified criminal activity near any address, select crime types and date ranges and generate reports. pulls incident data every 24 hours from the township's police records management system. Only crimes that have completed a review and approval process are displayed. Cases under investigation may be excluded from the daily updates. Other crimes may not be posted due to the sensitivity and rights to privacy of the victims.

This site uses publicly available address information referenced along road geography to position each event in its approximate location. The addresses listed are APPROXIMATE and do not reflect the actual address at which the event occurred.

Go to for more information, or click on the link below for Shelby Township's current crime data map: