Public Service Announcement

Over the last few weeks, the Cape May Police Department has responded to numerous calls about underage drinking on our beaches.  The majority of the youths involved have been local residents.  Moving forward our department along with the Cape May Beach Patrol are devoting additional resources to correct this issue.  Please be advised that anyone involved in underage drinking will be arrested, charged criminally, and removed from our beaches.  There will be no warnings given and no excuses will be tolerated. Please speak with your children or young adults about the serious consequences a criminal arrest can have.  The criminal statute that can be charged is listed below if you would like to review it.

  • 2C:33-15 - Possession, consumption of alcoholic beverages under the legal age.

Additionally, our officers are reporting a large amount of bicycle violations taking place.  Summons are already being issued for these violations as the verbal warnings and calls to parents are proving to be ineffective.  In one instance, a juvenile was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a vehicle after one such warning was given.

Specifically, the violations that officers will be on the lookout for include:

  • Helmet Violations - Title 39:4-10.1 (Applies to Under 17 years old)  **Court Appearance Required Summons
  • Holding on to a Moving Vehicle “Hitching” - Title 39-4-14
  • Performing Tricks - Title 39:4-12

Our department wants your children to enjoy their time in Cape May; however, we also want to make sure everyone stays safe.  Please share this message with them to avoid citations or unfortunately, arrest.