Cape May County Special Needs Registry / Program:



The Cape May Police Department is proud to partner with the Cape May County Prosecutors Office, to help pass the message about the Cape May County Special Needs Registry / Program:

The goal of the Cape May County Special Needs Registry is to safeguard that all Cape May County residents who may be in need of special assistance are able to get the help and support they need in times of emergency or during interaction with Law Enforcement, Fire or EMS personnel.

Each registrant will be provided with 2 different sized window decals that can be placed on the front entrance of the registrant’s residence as well as on the window of any vehicle in which they regularly travel. Registrants will also be issued an SNR identification card which they or a caregiver can carry. The presence of the SNR will signify that someone in the residence /vehicle has some degree of special need and first responders should respond accordingly.

The Cape May County Special Needs Registry is a joint collaboration between the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office and the Cape May County Police Chiefs Association.

There is no cost to register. 

Who is eligible to register? The registry is open to any person who lives, works, or goes to school in Cape May County and has a physical or mental impairment that substantially

limits one or more major life activities due to a physical and/or intellectual disability.

For further info call or email:

609-465-1135 ext: 3416


or contact your local police department. Cape May Police 609-884-9500.