Operation: Reassurance

The Cape May Police Department offers the Reassurance Program to residents of Cape May, West Cape May and Cape May Point who are elderly, disabled, live alone, or face other challenges that put them at increased risk in their homes. Participation in the program is completely voluntary and there is no cost to residents.

Members of the Reassurance Program call a designated telephone number at the Cape May Police Department on a daily basis, generally between 5:00 AM & 10:00AM and give their name to the police dispatcher. If the resident has not called in by 10:00AM a call is placed to his/her residence. If no contact is made by telephone, a police officer is sent to the residents’ home to ensure that they are o.k. If the responding officer has reason to believe that the reassurance resident is home and for some reason unable to answer the telephone or unable to come to the door, the police officer will make entry into the home. Entry can be made either by a predetermined hidden location for the key to the residence or the use of a “Lock Box”. A “Lock Box” is a piece of hardware, mounted to the exterior of the home, containing a spare key to the residence. The lock box is a heavy duty unit that can only be unlocked by Cape May Police and Fire personnel.

If you have any questions about the program or need assistance with the registration process, please call the police department at (609) 884-9500 or (609) 884-9539.

Please complete the registration form below and return it to Cape May Police Department in person, mail, or email at dheminway@capemaycity.com

Registration forms are also available at the Cape May Police Department, West Cape May Borough Hall, and the Cape May Point Municipal building.