Project: Medicine Drop


Cape May Police Department is a proud participant and an authorized drop off location for expired or unused prescription medication. Our secure container is located in the lobby of the Cape May Police Department, located at 643 Washington Street Cape May, NJ 08204. For information or questions, contact us at (609) 884-9500.

What is Project Medicine Drop?

Project Medicine Drop is an initiative involving the installation of “prescription drug drop boxes” at participating New Jersey police departments.

The police agencies agree to keep the locked metal boxes indoors, affixed to the floor or wall in a secure area within police department headquarters, within view of law enforcement officers, in an area to which members of the public may be admitted to drop off their unused and expired medications. Their prominent “Project Medicine Drop” logos make the boxes clearly visible and recognizable.

Project Medicine Drop allows the public to dispose of unused and expired prescription medications safely, securely, and anonymously. The opportunity is available seven days a week, 365 days a year.

This initiative builds on the success of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s National Take Back Initiative, and the American Medicine Chest Challenge, which is sponsored in New Jersey by the DEA, Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey, and Sheriffs’ Association of New Jersey. Both programs provide single-day opportunities to drop off unused medications at pre-identified, secure locations.

Project Medicine Drop provides the opportunity to discard unused expired prescription medications, every day throughout the year. The participating police agencies maintain custody of the deposited drugs, and dispose of them according to their normal procedures for the custody and destruction of controlled dangerous substances. They report the quantity of discarded drugs to the Division of Consumer Affairs on a quarterly basis.

Consumers from anywhere in New Jersey may deposit their medications in any of the drop boxes. The Division plans to expand the program in 2012, to include police departments in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties.