The Cape May Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.

Following is a list of jobs and eligibility requirements for current positions found in the Cape May Police Department. Interested candidates are encouraged to seek further information by contacting the department directly or by clicking on the listed links. The following list is for informational purposes only and does not represent a list of open positions. Positions are filled on an as needed basis. The Cape May Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.

Police Officer

Police Officer Application

The Cape May Police Department is an organization that is regulated by the New Jersey Department of Civil Service. Open competitive job announcements are periodically posted by the Department of Civil Service. These announcements for employment information can by found at http://www.state.nj.us/csc/.

Interested candidates will also find a current job description on this link.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Citizen of the United States
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Possess a valid New Jersey Driver’s License
  • Must pass a written exam administered by the NJ Department of Civil Service
  • Must submit to physical, psychological and medical examinations
  • Meet all the requirements as set forth in NJSA 40A:14-122 to 40A:14-127

The department engages in recruitment activities periodically to attract qualified candidates in order to reach a long-term goal of employing a sworn workforce that is representative of the overall workforce demographics within department’s jurisdiction.

Seasonal Law Enforcement Officer (SLEO)

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SLEO Class I

These officers receive two weeks of formal training, 80 hours, at the Cape May County Police Academy that includes classes on criminal law, report writing, motor vehicle law, use of force responsibility to the community, CPR and first aid, handcuffing, baton and self defense techniques. These officers do not carry a firearm. They receive New Jersey State certification as a Class One Special Law Enforcement Officer.


The training is intense and requires 471 hours of training at the Cape May County Police Academy. The academy runs two courses for Class Two Officers. A part-time academy during the winter months (December to May) is held three evenings per week and most Saturdays. A second class is held for eight weeks from the beginning of May to the end of June with classes running six days per week.

The course of study includes, history of law enforcement, the NJ court system, community responsibility, criminal law, arrest search and seizure, use of force, patrol vehicle operations, motor vehicle law, first responder emergency rescue, firearms, PR-24 baton, chemical agents, self-defense, patrol tactics, criminal law, communications, report writing, court room testimony, military drill, and physical fitness. Graduating Officers can apply for college credits at Atlantic

Cape Community College and receive full New Jersey State Special Law Enforcement Certification at graduation. Officers can apply for a waiver of some training when hired as full time police officers.

Public Safety Telecommunicator (Please send all inquiries to the Emergency Management Communications Center 1370 York Town Road Erma, NJ  08204)  Phone: 609-600-5055 Fax: 609-889-3590. 

Under direction receives and responds to telephone or other electronic requests for emergency assistance including law enforcement, fire, medical, or other emergency services and/or dispatches appropriate units to response sites; does other related duties as required. Additional information and description of duties may be found at http://www.state.nj.us/csc/.

Relief Public Safety Telecommunicator (Please send all inquiries to the Emergency Management Communications Center 1370 York Town Road Erma, NJ  08204)  Phone: 609-600-5055 Fax: 609-889-3590. 

A Relief Public Safety Telecommunicator fills the position of a full-time Telecommunicator in their absence. The Cape May Police Department continually seeks interested candidates for this position. Training and certification is required and provided.

The department employees records and clerical staff. For information about either of these or any of the above listed positions, please contact the department directly at 609-884-9500.