Firearms Instructions

Firearms Applicant Registration System (FARS) Procedure for Cape May, West Cape May and Cape May Point Residents.

The NJ Firearms application process is now ONLINE.  This new process is automated and will keep applicants informed of the status of their application.  Please read through the instructions BEFORE logging onto the website and have all of your information ready, as you will have 20 minutes to complete the application before it “times out” and you have to begin again. 

     ****Below are some tips and information you will need when answering questions****

  • Name and Address – ALL information on your application needs to MATCH your driver’s license.  If you are a Jr., etc. and it is on your D/L, it needs to be on your application.   If you are a female, your MAIDEN Name or “N/A” is required on your forms.
  • SBI # – Applicants that ALREADY have a Firearms ID Card, your SBI # is located on your card. (usually containing six numbers and a letter).
  • Distinct Physical Characteristics – refers to scars, tattoos, etc.  If none – enter NONE on application.
  • References – You will need to provide TWO references on your application.   Your references will be contacted via EMAIL so you must have their email addresses listed.  You will not be able to complete the application process without supplying reference’s namesaddresses, phone numbers and emails.  Be sure to collect that information prior to accessing the website.  Please advise your references to check their emails to expedite the process.

Step 1:  Go to this website to begin your application (click the online S.T.S. 033 Form button).  You will need Cape May Police ORI number to begin.  It is NJ0050200.  Once entered, please check to ensure it states “CAPE MAY PD.”

Step 2:  Complete the online application, using a smartphone, mobile device or computer.

  1. If you are applying for a NJ Firearms ID Card for the first time, you are an INITIAL Applicant and will need to be fingerprinted regardless if you have been fingerprinted prior for work or volunteer related reasons.  If you are 21, or older, and would like to apply for permit(s) to purchase a handgun, please check the corresponding box & enter the # of permits you are requesting.  You will need to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting using the Universal Fingerprint Form that will be generated after successful submission of this application – please make sure you print this form, as you will need to take it to your fingerprinting appointment.  (There is a fee for fingerprinting that is paid to the vendor at the time of fingerprinting.)
  2. If you have obtained a Firearms ID Card in the past and are applying for a replacement/updated card, please check the appropriate DUPLICATE box.  If you are applying for Permit(s) to Purchase a Handgun, indicate the # requesting and follow directions for submitting the 212A form. (You will need a credit card to submit online). Be sure to print completed forms when finished to keep for your records.

** You will be contacted by the Police Department upon Approval or Denial

** Please bring photo ID when retrieving your documents at the Police Department

** CMPD FEES:  Firearms ID Card $50.00      ** Permit to purchase a Handgun $25.00 each