Grandparent Scam throughout State of New Jersey

Elderly residents are being targeted via a phone scam in which victims receive a phone call advising that a family member (son, grandson, etc.) are under arrest and need bail money. In one case, the criminal actor went to the victim's home to get the money wearing N95 mask and rubber gloves. Please have a talk with elderly neighbors, parents, grandparents and warn them that if they receive such a phone call to hang up, notify you and call the Police Department.

If your relative is ever in jail and needs bail money, the Police will most likely allow that relative to call you directly.  If you receive a call that you are suspicious of, please take the Officers name, their Police Agency name and a phone number for that Agency, if the caller is reluctant to provide any of that information that is a strong warning sign that this may be a fraudulent request. 

Scams like this are occurring throughout the state and potentially in our local area. To report fraud attempts in Cape May Police Department 609-884-9500 or with online reporting through