Exit Zero Jazz Festival Weekend Events November 7th-10th

The following is a traffic / event advisory from the Cape May Police Department. During the week of November 7th - 10th, the Exit Zero Jazz Festival will commence, various locations throughout town. On Saturday November 9th, 2019 from 6am – 10pm there will a road closure for the 2019 Exit Zero Jazz Festival in the area of the Washington Street Mall. There will be a minor traffic interruption in this area as well, specifically the 400 block of Carpenters Lane will be closed. Traffic will be re-routed around this street and the festival. There will also be walking type parades along Beach Avenue and the Washington Street Mall area Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please keep this in mind while traveling / visiting this area. We ask that you be patient as we share the road for the festival and the attendees.

For complete event details and additional information log into the Exit Zero Jazz Festival website for additional information. https://www.exitzerojazzfestival.com/