Cape May Area, Halloween Trick or Treating Saftey Tips and Times.

Cape May Police, Halloween Safety Tips and Information:

Cape May Area (Cape May, USCG Base & West Cape May) Trick or Treating Oct. 31, 5pm - 7pm.

***Cape May Point has been rescheduled to Friday Nov. 1st, 5pm - 8pm.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips:

  • Never allow children to trick or treat without responsible adult supervision.

  • Don't allow children to enter homes with an adult. 

  • Always stay in groups.

  • Keep costumes simple. Avoid costumes that may block vision or cause children to trip and fall. 

  • Use sidewalks and stay out of the street whenever possible.

  • Wear reflective clothing or bright costumes.

  • Trick or treat only in familiar neighborhoods.

  • Don’t allow children to eat treats until a responsible grown-up examines them. 

  • Call police if any suspicious activity occurs, Cape May Police 609-884-9500.

  • Residents are urged to hand out only manufactured, sealed candy.

  • We urge all motorist to be mindful of the increased pedestrian traffic during the evening.

  • Drive as If your children and/or family is walking and trick or treating. 

  • As always enjoy and be safe.