Traffic Enforcement Targeting High Accident Areas

Golden Police Department was very visible today along Highway 6. In a coordinated effort between the Special Operations Unit and the Patrol Division, Officers completed a total of 36 traffic stops and issued a total of 29 citations for Speeding, Failure to Yield to a Stationary Emergency Vehicle and No Proof of Insurance. Highway 6 is and has been in the top 3 locations for the highest number of accidents in the City of Golden, with speed as the #1 contributing factor in vehicle accidents. While it is never pleasant to be issued a traffic citation, our desire is that it serves as a strong reminder to slow down. We care about our community and want everyone to make it home safely. 

Additionally, 33% of officer injuries result from traffic accidents. The "Move Over" Law states: "On a highway with at least two adjacent lanes...where a stationary emergency vehicle, stationary towing carrier vehicle, or stationary public utility service vehicle is located, the driver of a passing vehicle shall proceed with due care and caution and yield the right-of-way by moving into a lane at least one moving lane apart from the stationary emergency vehicle." If there is not a second lane to merge in to or if it is not safe to move over one full lane, the driver is required to reduce and maintain a safe speed when passing the stationary emergency vehicle. The statute specifically states if the speed limit is less than 45MPH the speed shall be reduced to 25 MPH or less and if the speed limit is 45 MPH or more then the speed shall be reduced by 20 MPH less than the speed limit. 

Please help keep us safe, so we can continue to keep you safe.