Community Engagement Group (CEG)

The Community Engagement Group (CEG) is an informal group intended to provide feedback and communication between the Golden Police Department and members of the Golden Community.  The CEG will be made up of a diverse (age, sex, race, background, jobs, etc.) group of Golden residents, business owners, and stakeholders to get involved in learning more about our police department and meeting regularly to give feedback and have conversations about projects, ideas, police procedures, policies, and best business practices. We hope to have a group that can provide a representative voice about community ideas, feedback, needs and concerns.

Please review the operating guideline (OG) for the Community Engagement Group.

To see upcoming meeting dates and times visit the Golden Police Department's CALENDAR.

April 7, 2022

Hello City of Golden Community,

After a year of development, the first Community Engagement Group (CEG) meeting occurred on April 7, 2022.  All eleven members were in attendance as we started our robust conversation on how to create deep and enriched partnerships between team members of the police department and the community we serve.  I am very proud that this group will be meeting bi-monthly to work on challenges and issues while celebrating our successes.  Members of the CEG will serve two-year terms and can reapply to participate.  However, as you follow our progress, we would encourage you to join in the future.  Our current CEG membership includes:

  • Bryan K
  • Eric T
  • Sandra K
  • Kathy E
  • Tony M
  • Ty S
  • Susan O
  • Janet J
  • Mandi L
  • Michele M
  • Stuart S

Our first objective was to find ways to immediately incorporate our CEG members into department functions.  Deputy Chief Hendershot and I selected three opportunities as follows:

Policy Committee – Mandi L and Eric T will be working with our policy development committee where they will review our core policies and will provide feedback.  These two CEG members will report to the larger group on the policies being reviewed and seek their thoughts and ideas.  We believe community input on the policies which guide our actions toward performance which makes a difference will be incredibly valuable. 

Incident Review Board – Kathy E, Ty S, Stuart S, and Sandra K will be working with our Incident Review Board (IRB).  The IRB is a function within the department in which subject matter experts make determinations related to the performance of our members in a variety of functions such as uses of force, police pursuits, and much more.  The IRB determines if the action taken by our members was within policy, out of policy, preventable or non-preventable.  While the CEG members do not vote in regard to these determinations, they do provide feedback and ask questions from a community standpoint which will be taken into consideration by the subject matter experts. 

Mission, Vision, and Values Committee – Bryan K, Tony M and Susan O will begin working with our team members to rebrand the mission, vision and values of the police department and will be led by Deputy Chief Hendershot.  Team members from the police department will be selected and the hard work will begin toward setting the foundation for the culture and direction of the Golden Police Department as we move into the future. 

Team members will update this page after every meeting to keep you aware of what topics we are discussing and working on.


Joe Harvey
Chief of Police

February 25, 2022

Interviews have been concluded and members for the CEG have been selected. The first meeting is scheduled for April 7, 2022.

October 27, 2021

UPDATE: We have received six (6) applications as of today (10/27/2021). We will continue accepting applications through the end of December 2021. Members will be selected in January 2022. The first meeting for the group will held in March 2022.

CEG Timeline:

Applications will be accepted through December 31, then will remain open until all positions are filled.

Evaluation of the applications will occur in January 2022.

Selection of members will occur in January 2022.

First CEG meeting will occur in March 2022.