Dial 9–1–1 for emergencies and in-progress incidents.

Call (303) 980-7300 for incidents not in-progress.

Thank you for contacting the Golden Police Department through the CRIMEWATCH Network. We are committed to providing community members the finest services. We take your time very seriously and are committed to serving you with the highest levels of respect and integrity. We will make every attempt to respond as promptly as possible, however individual department members availability are based on many things (shift assignment, holidays, personal time off, etc.). If you have not received a response within 72 hours, please call (303) 980-7300 and ask to speak to an officer.

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response to your Voicemail or Email.

Please call 9–1–1 for urgent or emergent matters.

Last Name First Name Job Title Business Phone E-mail
Brenner Alyssa Police Officer 303-913-1807
Brown Nathaniel Police Officer 303-472-9173 
Bulman John Community Resource Officer 303-277-8709
Caffrey Kevin Police Officer 303-472-9170
Carroll Conor Police Officer 303-913-7762
Cordova Amanda Criminalist 303-384-8044
Custer Ryan Sergeant 303-384-8193
Dale Mary Records Supervisor 303-384-8035
Darrow Alissa Crime Analyst/Systems Coordinator 303-384-8038
Dixon Dan Police Officer 303-335-5554 
Derham Mark Accreditation Manager 303-384-8084
Donohue Mark Sergeant 303-384-8053
Durand Latara Criminalist 303-916-4399
Fanelli-Poole Nicco Police Officer 303-472-0267
Farris Christian Corporal 303-472-0863
Ferraro Justin Code Enforcement Officer 303-384-8085
Fowler Jodene School Resource Officer 303-472-2617 
Franceschini Jayson Police Officer 303-913-2620
Gallagher Elizabeth Co-Responder 303-277-8767
Garcia Justin Police Officer 720-591-9569
Garner Guy Corporal 720-656-9515
Grusing Bethany Police Officer 303-902-2712
Guess Steve Sergeant 303-902-2918
Gurule Steven Police Officer 720-656-9521
Hall Derek School Resource Officer 303-215-8874
Hall Thad Corporal 720-762-6391
Hammernik McKenzie Corporal 303-913-4269
Harvey Joe Deputy Chief 303-384-8030
Haslett Courtland Parking Enforcement  303-384-8085
Hendershot Mike Commander 303-384-8032
Henslee Shawn K-9 Officer 303-472-0781
Hish Denise Admin Assist 303-384-8106
Horne Sean Police Officer 303-916-7891
Hufschmidt Samuel Police Officer 303-905-9511 
Hyde Daniel Traffic Officer 303-902-4903
Johnson Merritt Detective 303-902-7014
Jones Aden Police Officer 303-902-9753
Kilpatrick Bill Chief of Police 303-384-8031
Lizakowski Jacob Detective 303-384-8190
Marquez Jodie Admin Assist 303-384-8031
Mehnert Denise Interim Commander 303-384-8114
Novak Trevor Police Officer 303-472-0716
Page Joseph Community Resource Officer 303-384-8062
Pike Anne Police Officer 303-906-5473
Porter Matt Police Officer 303-384-8059
Radulovich Brian Police Officer 303-906-7673
Rogers Philip Police Officer 303-495-8674
Salentine Benjamin Sergeant 303-277-8731
Sayed Shams Police Officer 303-909-2679
Schroeder Cody Sergeant 303-277-8708
Schroeder Gretchen Detective 303-384-8043
Segal Jamie Code Enforcement Supervisor 303-384-8048
Shine Chris Police Officer 303-610-0877
Sipes Stephanie Sergeant 303-905-2987
Sodano Talya Code Enforcement 303-384-8085
Stevenson Kristopher Detective 303-277-8722
Stoian Raoul Police Officer 303-913-0252
Weathers Jessica Police Officer 720-940-0318 
Whyte Christian Police Officer 303-594-6512
Wilkenson Brian Parking Enforcement  303-384-8085
Williams Marcus Sergeant 303-384-8116
Wolfe Nathaniel Criminalist 303-434-8454
Wright Anteus Police Officer 303-913-2783
Zutman Adam Sergeant 303-913-2710
Records     303-384-8035
Parking     303-277-8799
Code Enforcement     303-384-8048