Shots Fired in Golden, CO


Supplemental Information on Shots Fired in Golden, CO

GOLDEN, Colo. - On Monday, February 13th, just before 12:15 AM, Golden Police Department Officers assisted a Colorado School of Mine’s Officer on a vehicle contact with a driver that was slumped over the steering wheel.  The suspect, Eduardo Armando Romero DOB 10/24/1993 proceeded to ram two patrol cars before running from officers to evade arrest.  Officers gave chase to Mr. Romero who turned and pointed a handgun in the officers’ direction. 

JCSO K9 Graffit along with his handler and accompanying officers began a track to find Mr. Romero.  Shortly after, K9 Graffit went on alert and continued to search when a single gunshot was fired by Mr. Romero which ultimately killed K9 Graffit.  A Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy did return fire which did not hit Mr. Romero.  Mr. Romero was taken into custody a short time later; the handgun was recovered as well. 

After being cleared by medical personnel at a local hospital, Mr. Romero was booked into jail at the Jefferson County Detention Facility pending the following charges:

  • Felony Menacing, 18-3-206(1)(a), Felony 5
  • Aggravated Animal Cruelty, 18-9-202(1.5)(b), Felony 6
  • Prohibited Use of a Weapon, 18-12-106(1)(a), Misdemeanor 1
  • Criminal Mischief, 18-4-501(b), Misdemeanor 2
  • Criminal Mischief, 18-4-501(e), Felony 5
  • Criminal Impersonation, 18-5-113(1)(b)(II), Misdemeanor 1
  • Motor Vehicle Theft, 18-4-409(1)(h), Felony 5
  • Motor Vehicle Theft, 18-4-409(2)(e), Felony 5
  • Resisting Arrest, 18-8-103(1)(a), Misdemeanor 2
  • Obstruction, 18-8-104(1)(b), Misdemeanor 2
  • Eluding, 18-9-116.5(1), Felony 5
  • Driving Under Restraint, 42-4-138, Traffic Misdemeanor 2
  • Driving Under the Influence, 42-4-1301, Traffic Misdemeanor 2

This case continues to be an active investigation by the City of Golden Police Department.  There will be no additional on-camera interviews available at this time.


Shots Fired in Golden, CO

GOLDEN, Colo. - On Monday, February 13th, just before 12:15 AM, Golden Police Department Officers responded to assist the Colorado School of Mine’s Police Department with contacting a vehicle near 19th and Elm St in the City of Golden.  The vehicle was occupied by a single male who was slumped over the steering wheel and non-responsive to officers’ attempts to alert him. 

The driver woke and began moving the vehicle at a slow rate of speed while swerving into oncoming traffic before coming to a stop on 19th St at Tangent Way.  Officers observed the driver slumped over again and attempted to wake him.  The suspect woke and began ramming officers’ patrol cars in an attempt to escape. 

Officers were able to break the driver’s side window and put the vehicle in park.  While removing the suspect from the vehicle, the suspect was able to free himself from officers’ grasp and ran eastbound on 19th St.  As a Golden Police Department officer chased the suspect, he pointed a handgun directly at the officer.  The suspect ran into a wooded area and a perimeter was established.  A School of Mines notification and a Jeffco LookoutAlert were issued for the immediate area to shelter in place. 

A JCSO K9 unit responded to the scene to assist in the search.  While tracking the suspect, the K9 was released and given the order to apprehend. The suspect fired shots striking and killing the K9. A JCSO deputy returned fire.  More information on the K9 will be released from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office later today.

The JCSO Regional SWAT Team arrived on scene and began an area search for the suspect.  At approximately 04:54 AM, the suspect came out of hiding and surrendered to perimeter units.  He was in possession of a holster without a gun in it.  The gun was located in the nearby vicinity. 

The entire incident is under investigation by the School of Mine’s Police Department, and the 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) will be conducting an investigation into the officer involved shooting.

There will be a joint press conference today at 07:00 AM with the Colorado School of Mine’s Police Department, Golden Police Department, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.  The location is to be determined.