Jefferson County Communications Center Authority

Have you ever wondered who you are talking to when you call for police, fire or ems services.  The first person you talk to is a Jeffcom 911 dispatcher.  They have the difficult task of identifying the nature of your problem, what your needs are, and who is best to assist you.  They then have to communicate to the responding agency or agencies those details, all in a timely manner.  Fox 31 news did a series of stories on our partners at Jeffcom 911.  Please view the below stories for more information.  

Do you have what it takes to be a 911 call taker?

What to know about the 911 call-takers who might answer your call for help.

911 call center grieving after deadly officer-involved shooting.

Shortage continues at Jeffcom 911 as 2 drop out after months of training.

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