It Has Finally Arrived 🚙🌫 | 🕘#9PMRoutine




Winter 🌨 is finally here…We know it’s cold 🥶 , but don’t leave your car puffing🌫.  

A “puffer” is a car left running unattended. The exhaust vapors that come out of a running vehicle’s tailpipe 🚙🌫 in freezing weather signals an easy steal to a thief.  

In Colorado, it’s illegal to leave your car running unattended unless you have a remote starter system in your vehicle and your keyless fob is far enough away that the car cannot be moved. Remember to keep the keyless fob in a safe place so the wrong hands can’t get to it.  

  • Purchase a remote start from the original manufacturer or a proven after-market source, but make sure the doors are locked and the start fob is in a safe place.
  • Warm-up with your car: grab a hot drink, gloves, and a blanket. Most cars don’t need to idle for more than 1-2 minutes.
  • Park in an enclosed garage whenever possible.

Visit 👀👉 for more information about auto theft in Colorado and how to prevent it.