How Is the Golden Police Department Responding to Calls Involving Unhoused Individuals?

The Golden Police Department has seen an increase in calls for service involving unhoused individuals in the community. We have also received feedback from the community in regard to the increased number of unhoused individuals in town. Golden Police must consider the fine line of being able to respond in a meaningful way to community concerns regarding homelessness, while also respecting the Constitutional Rights of unhoused and housed people with whom we come into contact. Officers accomplish this mission by building partnerships, rapport with community members, and identifying crucial needs.

Regarding these important issues, the Golden Police Department, in collaboration with legal counsel, has issued a special order. This order provides interim guidance and procedures for members responding to calls involving unhoused populations. This will remain a standing order until the department drafts an Unhoused Populations Operating Guideline. This guideline will contain available resources, directives, and recommendations that address the best interest of the entire community. 

Click Here to read the Special Order.

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