Are You Who You Say You Are?

The Golden Police Department has received reports of Imposter Fraud where scammers are impersonating the Immigration and Naturalization Service and Golden Police Department over the telephone. The caller ID displays “Golden Police Department” and the phone number “(303) 384-8045”. The scammers are telling the victims they have a warrant for their arrest. They usually request personally identifying information or some form of money or payment to take care of the fake “warrant.”

The Golden Police Department or Immigration and Naturalization Service do not contact people about warrants like this. If a person has a warrant for their arrest, we will go to their home or place of work and arrest them.

“But what about the caller ID?” you wonder. In fact, what seems like reliable information about the source of a call is not so dependable anymore. Scammers can rig caller ID to look like they are calling from the police department. Or, really, anywhere — even your own number. Do not rely on caller ID. It is not foolproof. Scammers can easily spoof it to try to gain your trust. If it looks like the police are calling, look up the non-emergency phone number (hint: it is not 9-1-1) and call to find out if the story is legit. You will soon learn it is a fraud.

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