Overall stats for Country Jam 2021

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol, and Lower Valley Fire Protection District along with state and federal partners were on site during Country Jam, a three-day country music festival located in Mack, Colorado.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office under-aged drinking enforcement team made 60 arrests resulting in 60 summons issued for alcohol violations. All citations were referred to Country Jam security for removal from festival grounds. A full breakdown of the underage liquor infractions are listed below.

2021 Country Jam Stats*                                          

Total Summons Issued: 60

At Festival 

  • Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses: 18
  • Fake ID: 9

At Campground 

  • Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses: 31

At Parking Lot      

  • Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses: 10

*Total charges are higher than total summons issued as some summons included more than one charge.

Colorado State Patrol made four DUI arrests and responded to one DUI-pedestrian crash inside the concert venue with minor injuries.  Troopers also responded to two property damage crashes.       

During the three-day festival, Lower Valley Fire Protection District treated 205 patients on-site with 17 transports to local hospitals. Medical-related incidents included traumatic injuries, simple wound care, heat-related/dehydration, alcohol/overdose, allergic reactions, cardiac, respiratory, diabetic, and seizure. Lower Valley Fire Protection District also responded to one carbon monoxide incident.

Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies made three arrests during the festival. Charges include Assault and a Restraining Order Violation. Deputies are also investigating a report of a sexual assault. In addition, deputies responded to several calls of intoxicated subjects, fights, and a report of selling unauthorized goods resulting in their removal from Country Jam grounds.