Inside Your Sheriff's Office


Inside Your Sheriff's Office

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office along with our community experienced a lot of challenges, adversity, and unique circumstances over the last year. We have all had to adapt and find new ways to go about our daily lives.  

Our community is resilient. As your Mesa County Sheriff, I want you to know this agency is as well.  As the challenges of last year altered our lives, the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office took the opportunity to foster community partnerships, leverage technological advancements, and implement new strategies to keep our community safe.  

We have had to approach things differently, but our commitment to serving and meeting the needs of this community remains the same. 

In the coming weeks, we are going to share with you how the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is finding innovative solutions, working together with community partners, and pioneering new criminal justice programs with the goal of making our community safer. We are focused on preventing crime and reducing the number of people in our community who are victimized. 

I invite you to follow our series, Inside Your Sheriff’s Office, to learn more about the men and women of the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. I am proud of the work they do each and every day. They continue to lead our region with creative and inventive approaches to make Mesa County a safer place to live, work and play. 

- Sheriff Matt Lewis


Inside Your Sheriff's Office

  • Partnering with Neighbors: Learn about how a specialized team of dedicated deputies uses historical crime data, intelligence-based strategies, and community partnerships to find permanent, long-term solutions to ongoing criminal activity in neighborhoods.
  • Partnering with Businesses: Learn how the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with local businesses and using advancements in technology to solve and reduce crime. Learn more about how these innovative programs are working to make our community safer.
  • Partnering with Area Law Enforcement: Mesa County Sheriff’s Office has created a task force to find and remove wanted criminals from the community before they have a chance to victimize again. Learn how the Major Offenders Task Force partners with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to make our community safer.
  • Mental Health: "We recognize mental health plays a role in many of the incidents our patrol deputies respond to. It is important to approach these situations not only from a community safety perspective but also from a behavioral health aspect," said Mesa County Sheriff's Office Captain Todd Sorenson.   Learn more about how your Sheriff's Office is partnering with community organizations to provide immediate mental health services to those experiencing a crisis. 
  • Alternatives to Incarceration: Recognizing the county jail is reserved for those who pose a public safety risk to the community, the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office began using two new criminal justice programs that offer alternatives to incarceration and new strategies to reduce crime. Learn more about these programs and how they help make the community safer. 
  • Lowering Recidivism:  From mental health and substance abuse treatments to connecting individuals with resources and services, learn how the Sheriff's Office is working to reduce recidivism by helping inmates succeed in the community.
  • Partnering with Schools: MCSO School Resource Officers (SRO) work in partnership with Mesa County Valley School District 51 and other law enforcement agencies to keep our schools safe. They are also informal counselors, teachers, and problem-solvers. Deputies help support school administration in assisting students in working through problems and growing into well-rounded adults. Learn more about the work they do.