Common Scams


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Scammers are very smart. They are masterful at tricking people out of their hard-earned money. The best defense against a scam is knowing about it. Scammers are successful because they catch people off guard and trick people into thinking it's real. 

Here are some common scams reported in Mesa County and information about how to spot them before you fall victim. Click on the links below to learn more.

Social Security Scam

Jury Duty / Warrant Scam

Email Scams

Over Payment Scam

Lonely Heart Scam

Lottery Scam

Loved One in Trouble Scam

Report a Scam



Not sure it's a Scam?

Call us! The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is happy to help you determine if a phone call you received is real. Call us Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm at (970) 244-3500 or after hours at (970) 242-6707. 

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