How it works  

Scammers start an online relationship with you. This can last for weeks, even months. It can even evolve into text or phone calls. The key is you never meet and they start asking for money or personal information. Usually, they ask for money is for a plane ticket to come to see you, or for a family tragedy they need help with. 

Red Flags 

  1. You have never met, yet they ask for money. They may live out of the country. 
  2. They have you sign up for credit cards or offer to help you with bank accounts. 

What to Do

It can be hard to believe the person you are corresponding with is actually trying to scam you. However, people have lost all of their life savings to these types of scams. Before you send any money or offer any personal financial information to anyone you meet online, share the details of your relationship with a trusted responsible adult. Do a background check on the person to make sure the person is who they say they are. If things aren’t adding up, it’s probably a scam. Remember if the person truly loves you, they won’t put you in a compromising position.