Camera Registry

Please complete this form to register your security cameras with the Hillsboro Police Department.


The goal of the camera registry program is to assist the Hillsboro Police Department with public safety events or criminal investigation by predetermining camera locations.  Investigations often require countless hours, using an asset such as the camera registry will greatly increase our efforts.

Does this mean that the police will have access to my camera? 

No, at no time can we remotely access your camera system.  

How do I turn over video? 

A copy of the video can be provided on a thumb drive or CD. Another way would be providing the officer a URL link to that video only. 

If my camera caught something that is suspicious or possible criminal activity, what should I do? 

Contact us. An officer will speak with you and determine how to proceed. Our dispatch center is open 24/7 at (603) 464-5512.  

What is an example of when a video would be requested? 

Overnight, vehicles on your street were vandalized. An officer may contact you to determine if any suspects or vehicles were observed during the commission of the vandalism.  "

Select "individual" if you are registering a personal camera, or select "business" if you are registering a camera for a company.
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