Chief of Police Retires

On September 30th, 2022, Chief David Roarick retired after 35 years of service to the Town of Hillsboro. Starting his career with the police department in 1987, Roarick rose to the rank of Chief. With the construction of headquarters on Municipal Drive and the modernization of the communication center that serves 5 communities, his leadership and commitment to the community was bar none.

More notably, Chief Roarick was an advocate for the men and women of the Hillsboro Police Department. Making sure they attended the highest quality of training and providing them with the best equipment to ensure their safety, he understood this would equate to better policing for Hillsboro’s residents. A cops-cop, even just weeks before retirement, he wasn’t afraid to knock down a door to aid someone in harm's way from further abuse.

The steady guidance and principles he taught the members of the department will ensure the continued success of this agency and the continued protection of the community it serves. The men and women of the Hillsboro Police Department wish Chief Roarick immense success as he enters the next chapter in his life.

With the recommendation from Chief Roarick, the selectmen have appointed Lieutenant Christopher Parsons as Chief of Police.