Special-Handling Registry

Some people in every population need special care during their contacts with police whether due to emotional injuries and traumas, cognitive declines or development deficits, or particularized anxiety. The goal of this registry is to alert the Department’s officers about community members who have special-handling needs because of conditions like autism or suffer from cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, and inform officers how to best engage those individuals. 

Information is key. Share with us so when we encounter your loved one, we can most effectively help them. With your help we can know what some of their triggers may be, what some of their favorite conversations may be, what they prefer to be called, how to connect, places they usually go to, etc. 

Use this form to register a person who needs special care or handling when interacting with police or strangers. If you have one, you can attach their photo to help us better recognize them. 

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Include school/work info, car info, triggers, calming methods, service animal, etc.
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