Mission, Values, and Vision


The mission of the Keenesburg Police Department is to ensure public safety, protect quality of life, control crime, maintain public order, and deliver services through respectful interactions with all people we encounter.


Keenesburg Police Department continually exceeds the public's expectations of us, providing Colorado's safest community, free from crime and disorder.


These are our core values. They are the foundation on which we were formed and the driving force behind all our actions.

We have high standards. We take pride in our work and in the service we deliver. We commit to continual improvement for ourselves, our teams, and our community. Mediocrity is our enemy.

We make decisions and act impartially and objectively toward all people. We do not act with self-interest, prejudice or favoritism.

We support and share responsibility with members of our team and members of our community. We understand that our authority is extended from the people of Keenesburg, whom we serve. We recognize that our success depends on community support and involvement.

We are responsible for the human, fiscal, and community resources entrusted to our care. We are stewards of the public trust. We leave things better than we found them. We are guardians of justice. We commit our time, skills, and energy to the public good.

We exercise unwavering candor, honesty and respect toward all people. Our communications and feedback, with one another and with the community, are honest and direct.