How do I make a police report?

To report a crime in progress, an emergency, or medical incident, call 911. If the crime is one that occurred overnight or several weeks ago and happened within the Town of Keenesburg you can make an online report or you can call 303-732-4281.

When should I call 911?

911 should be used for emergencies and/or when immediate police, fire, or medical assistance is necessary. When you call 911, please stay on the line with your information handy and try to remain calm.

Please do not call 911 for weather reports, time and temperature, or other superfluous information.

What should I do if I’m involved in an accident?

Crashes that occur outside the town limits should be reported to the Colorado State Patrol by calling 303-239-4501. If you are involved in a crash occurring within the town limits of Keenesburg, call Keenesburg police by dialing 911 immediately if:

  • someone is injured,
  • the vehicles are extensively damaged and blocking traffic,
  • there is a fight or disagreement between the parties involved, and/or
  • one of the drivers involved are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If none of the above circumstances exist or if the vehicles have been moved from the scene of the crash, you can report crashes online 

If the car crash occurred on private property, then exchange information with the other driver involved.

How do I get a concealed handgun permit?

The law changed May 18, 2003, to enable citizen's to carry a statewide permit. The Weld County Sheriff’s Office issues permits to qualified individuals. Information is available on their website.

For questions, call (970) 400-2865.

How do I get a VIN inspection?

The Keenesburg Police Department does VIN inspections by appointment and only for Keenesburg residents. Call 303-732-4281 to schedule an appointment.

How can I report a road rage incident?

Dial*277 on your cell phone or 303-239-4501 from any phone to report road rage. Information about aggressive drivers who are reported to the Colorado State Patrol will be stored in a computer file. Drivers who are reported more than three times will receive a warning. If the situation calls for an immediate response a trooper can be dispatched.

How do I report a traffic violation?

If the violation occurred within the town limits of Keenesburg and is an ongoing problem with the same location or same driver, you can report it here

How do I contact an officer?

To contact a specific police officer, call 303-732-4281. Understand that your police officers work shifts and may not be available on the day you call. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

How do I take care of a parking ticket I’ve received?

You can pay you the fine by mail at the address printed on the parking ticket or make an online payment.

Who do I call to ask about someone who’s been arrested?

All information about people in jail can be obtained by calling the Weld County jail at 970-356-4015. The jail is operated by the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. Booking and other jail information is also available on their website. 

How do I find out if there’s a warrant for my arrest?

You can call the Police Department at 303-732-4281. You will need to provide your full name and your date of birth. We will only release adult warrant information over the phone.

To find out if you have a warrant from another law enforcement agency, please contact that agency directly.

How do I get a restraining order?

A restraining order is a civil, rather than criminal, issue. Please contact your attorney for competent legal advice.

What fireworks are legal in Keenesburg?

It is illegal to sell, possess, or ignite fireworks in Keenesburg.

What can I do if someone keeps parking in front of my house?

Since public roadways are just that, "public," no one has the right to reserve spaces in front of his or her house. However, while it is not illegal to park in front of someone else's house, it is certainly inconsiderate. Every homeowner likes the convenience of parking in front of their own house. If you encounter a vehicle which is parking in front of your house for excessive periods of time without moving, you can call the Police Department and ask to have the vehicle checked out. (If you don't recognize the vehicle and it hasn't moved for a long time, it may be stolen.) If the vehicle is registered to a neighbor who lives near your house, the owner is not violating any laws. If, on the other hand, the vehicle belongs to someone who does not live nearby and it remains parked for more than 24 hours, it can be ticketed, and in some cases towed away, for violating the Town’s municipal code. Of course, the best course of action is to talk to your neighbor and to try to work it out without involving the police.

Will the Police Department help me get fingerprinted?

The Police Department is unable offer public fingerprinting services. The State of Colorado has authorized two vendors to submit fingerprints for citizens needing background investigation fingerprinting. Citizens are free to choose either vendor, IdentGo or Colorado Fingerprinting, for services. Check their respective websites for locations, business hours, cost, and other details.