The Keenesburg Police Department will not call you and threaten your arrest if you don't pay money. 

We received a report from a citizen that someone called his daughter impersonating a Keenesburg police officer. The caller said he had a warrant for her arrest and demanded money to resolve the warrant. The caller declined to give additional information.

The Keenesburg Police Department does not collect money in lieu of arrest. In fact, police officers do not collect money from citizens.

If you receive a call from someone saying they are the police:

  1. DO NOT provide personal information.
  2. DO NOT, ever, pay a caller via gift cards or electronic funds transfer. Legitimate businesses do not collect gift cards as payment. 
  3. If you are wary, offer to meet an officer or detective at the police station. If they decline, hang up.
  4. Report the call to your local police department.