Continue the Conversation and Model Behaviors

Talk to Teens About the Importance of Driving Safety During National Teen Driver Safety Week

Keep Communication Channels Open, and Model Good Habits

National Teen Driver Safety Week may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean conversations about safe driving practices have to end! Revisit the conversation frequently throughout the year and remind them that driving is a privilege, NOT a right. The consequences for breaking the rules could be more serious than just being grounded. 

Remember, too, your behavior sets the example when your teen is learning to drive. When you use safe-driving practices and follow traffic laws when behind the wheel—your teen will too. #RulesForTheRoad #YoureInControl

“Teens will learn much of this content in driver education, but it’s through parent conversations and their home environment that the lessons are driven home and the rules enforced. Parents should set these rules before handing over the car keys,” Chief Jensen said. “They need to be proactive and start the conversation about safe driving during National Teen Driver Safety Week, then keep the conversations going every day. Teaching teens safe behaviors behind the wheel is a shared responsibility, and we all have a part to play.”