Scam Alert: Social Security Scam

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has received reports of a scam circulating in our community. The caller pretends to be a member of law enforcement telling you a crime has been committed using your social security number, and you have a warrant for your arrest. The scammers say they believe you were not involved in the crime and to clear your name they need to know your bank account information. We have received reports the scammers will also try to convenience you that your money is not safe in your bank account. The scammers tell the intended victim to put money on a gift card or pre-paid card so they can keep your money safe.  


The scam is very elaborate and can be convincing to the intended victim. Once the scammers get the gift card information, your money is gone. The best way to spot any scam is to look for the RED FLAGS:

  1. The caller threatens you
  2. Demands immediate payment
  3. Requires payment by cash, gift card, pre-paid debit card, or wire transfer
  4. Asks for gift card numbers over the phone or to wire or mail cash

Remember law enforcement, Social Security or any government agency will NEVER demand payment, nor ask for payment via gift card.  

NEVER give the numbers or information from a gift card or pre-paid card to someone over the phone. Once you give the numbers, your money is gone. The scammer takes the money off the card immediately as if you used the card for a purchase. Money stolen this way is rarely recovered. 

If you get a similar call, HANG UP. Do Not give out personal information over the phone.

To learn more about this scam and how to recognize it, click here.

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