MCSO Volunteers recognized

More than 250 dedicated volunteers give their time selflessly to help the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and our community. Many leave their own families at all hours of the day to help a stranger. From repelling down cliffs to providing religious support, volunteers with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office help provide vital services to our community. 

Recently, these generous individuals were recognized and thanked for their efforts during a volunteer appreciation lunch. Five people were also awarded Volunteer of the Year for their contributions to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, respective volunteer organizations, and the community.

Meagan Rolbiecki, a volunteer for the Victim Advocate Program since 2015, was recognized for her dedication to helping victims of crime and trauma. Meagan consistently steps up to cover more shifts and extra duties and is always quick to lend a hand to fellow volunteers. So far this year, Victim Advocates responded to nearly 150 callouts, serving more than 200 individual victims. Advocates respond 24/7 to assist victims and families of not only crimes but also community members who may have experienced a traumatic incident.

Mike Nemback was recognized as Support Services Volunteer of the Year for his work with the Retired Law Enforcement Concealed Handgun Permit Program.  For the past four years, he has single-handedly restructured and streamlined the program.  Mike spent countless hours organizing and contacting retired law enforcement to simplify the CHP process. He also serves as a Safety Officer at the range for the shooting portion of the qualifications process.

Volunteer of the Year for Mesa County Search and Rescue was awarded to Nate Rinderle for his leadership and vast contributions to the organization. Nate volunteers for Mesa County Search and Rescue’s Ground Team and currently serves as the team’s President. Nate works diligently to elevate the team in addition to running missions and searching in the field for people who need help. So far this year, Mesa County Search and Rescue volunteers were called out 98 times for missions which included rescuing lost or injured hikers and hunters, stranded motorists, and river rescues.

Chuck Bonnet, a religious volunteer for the Mesa County Jail Ministry, was awarded the Volunteer of the Year for the Mesa County Detention Facility. Chuck’s work helps countless inmates with whom he has made a deep and lasting spiritual impression. In facilitating regular bible studies and Sunday Services within the Detention Facility, Chuck is always ready and eager to lend an ear to anyone who seeks wise counsel or a sympathetic listener. The volunteers that work in the Detentions Facility have provided inmates with more than 350 bibles, 330 volunteer hours, and nearly 2,500 religious services and visits.

Monty Rutherford, a volunteer since 1996, was recognized as Volunteer of the Year for the Citizens on Patrol (COP) Program for his leadership and dedication. Monty is a Field Training Officer and Team Leader for the COP Program as well as a mentor for the Sheriff’s Office internship program. He assists with training new volunteers providing valuable learning opportunities for those seeking a career in law enforcement. So far this year, more than 30 Citizen on Patrol volunteers performed over 2,600 volunteer hours. Volunteer tasks include performing school checks, VIN Inspections, Red Tags of vehicles, serving Civil Papers, vacation home checks, providing scene security, and assisting in special events. 

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated and compassionate volunteers. The hundreds of hours donated in service to our community truly make a difference. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office could not possibly provide the high level of service to our community we do without the amazing work our volunteers perform each and every day.

Thank you.

If you would like to become a volunteer for the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office, you can learn how on our website.