Other Information


Money may be sent by money order only. Personal checks or payroll checks will be returned to the sender. A money account is opened at the time an inmate comes to jail. Money in the account is used to pay fees incurred while in custody. The remainder of the money is for the inmate to use for things the jail does not issue, such as snacks, deodorant, commissary items, etc. There is a kiosk in the FCSO lobby to place cash onto the inmate account, there is a fee. Online inmate services are available through JailATM.com and include money additions, commissary orders, and messaging. All JailATM transactions are subject to their terms and conditions of service.

  • ATM Fees:
    Cash – $3.25
    Credit Card - $3.25 OR 10%, whichever is greater
  • Booking Fees:
    Arrests on new charges or warrants $30.00
    No charge on parole holds or court writs or sentences to be served
  • Bonding Fees:
    $10.00 per warrants
  • UA Fees:
  • Work Release Fee:
    Varies by pay rate

**Please note; Fees incurred from a previous stay and not paid are collected at 100% if placing money on accounts with a debt owed.**


Staff will not give messages to inmates.
If you have an emergency message, you can call the jail and ask for the on-duty supervisor. All emergency messages will be verified before given to an inmate.


Telephones are available for inmate use in booking and housing units.

You will be billed for every call you accept from the inmate.

All calls are limited to 15 minutes per call. The system will disconnect if it believes you are attempting to forward your call to another person. International calls can be made.  All personal calls are recorded.

You can block your telephone number by calling the on-duty supervisor. This will prevent any calls from being made to you from the jail. If you want the block removed, the person to whom the number is listed must make a written request to have the number unblocked.