Territorial legislature met in September 1861 and divided the Colorado territory into seventeen counties. Fremont County is one of the only counties that, to this day, has its original seat which is Canon City. Fremont County's boundaries were established in 1862 by J.B. Cooper, Lewis Conley and Anson Rudd, who were appointed by Governor Gilpin for that purpose. Anson Rudd was the first sheriff elected under this organization. Isaac Evans named as first sheriff was appointed. Custer County and a portion of Teller County were carved out of the original boundaries of Fremont County. Custer County was formed in 1877 and Teller County in 1899. Fremont County was named for trapper, mountain man and explorer John C. Fremont.

Below is a list of Sheriff's for Fremont County. This list is compiled based on old newspapers and historical information. We hope the information is correct; but we can only go with the information given or provided.  

  • Isaac F. Evens - 12/05/1861
  • Anson Rudd - 06/20/1862, resigned
  • Egbert Bradley - 10/07/1862
  • Joseph Irwin - 09/01/1863
  • James H. McCollum - 09/13/1864, appointed again 01/16/1865
  • James W. Fletcher - 09/12/1865, resigned 01/01/1866
  • Joseph H. Macon - 02/23/1866, also elected 08/07/1866 to fill vacancy
  • Charles Pauls - 08/13/1867, resigned 04/11/1868
  • Edward L. Taylor - 04/11/1868 also 10/31/1868
  • Ambrose Flournoy, elected but did not qualifty, resigned 12/30/1868
  • Edward Crouch - 02/06/1869
  • Eli S. McNulty - 09/06/1869, resigned
  • Benjamin F. Gloyd, appointed fall of 1869 - elected 09/13/1870 to fill vacancy
  • Jesse Rader - 1870-1872, elected when Custer County was still part of Fremont
  • Frank H. Bengley - 1873-1877
  • Benjamin F. Shaffer - 1877-1882
  • William S. Jones - 1882-1884
  • Jesse Rader - 1884-1887, after the division of Custer County, elected Fremont County Sheriff
  • Morgan L. Griffith - 1888-1889
  • Robert C. Stewart - 1890-1891
  • George O. Bay - 1892-1895
  • William La Fayette Hawkins - 1896-1901
  • Vernor S. Simmon - 1902-1904
  • Joseph Esser - 1905-1912
  • William H. Newcomb - 1913-1920
  • Walter Fulkerson - 1921-1922
  • Clifford R. Glasson - 1923-1926
  • Henry P. Koerner - 1927-1932
  • Dudley P. Van Buskirk - 1932-1938
  • Foster W. Ranson - 1939-1948
  • Gilbert E. Ackelbein - 1948-1950
  • Charles Canterbury Jr. - 1951-1957
  • Tom Coleman - 1958-1966
  • Roy Enslow - 1967-1974
  • John William Vernetti I - 1975-1978
  • William DeBekker - 1979-1990
  • Bob Cheek - 1991-1993, removed from office
  • Gary O'Conner - 10/1993-03/1994, acting temporarily to fill vacancy
  • Dale Rea - 1994-2001, acting 03/1994, elected 11/1994, resigned 04/30/2001
  • Ivan Middlemiss, appointed 05/2001-2002
  • James L. Beicker - 2003-2018 (Resigned)
  • Ty P. Martin 2018-2019 (Appointed)
  • Allen F. Cooper 2019-Present

Isaac F. Evens-12/05/1861- There is an Evans (spelling) registered in Cañon at this time, but no proof it is Isaac. Nothing else could be found.

Anson Rudd-06/20/1862 RESIGNED - One of Cañon City's founding fathers. Mr. Rudd was the first elected sheriff of Fremont County. J.B. Cooper, Lewis Conley and Anson Rudd were appointed by Governer Gilpin to establish the boundries of Fremont County. Some of his other accomplishments include Regional Federal Inspector and Tax Collector for Distilled Spirits, County Commissioner, Postmaster, a member of School District Board of Trustees, helped form the Hydraulic and Irrigation Ditch Company and the third Warden for the Territorial Prison. He also was elected the first Lieutenant Governer, but the election was overturned and he never served. Mr. Rudd's office of sheriff lasted about four months.

EGBERT BRADLEY-10/07/1862-03/10/1863 - Recorded by County Clerk as sheriff. Bradley was executor to Charles Jeffers estate and sold it to one A. L. Dunn.

JOSEPH IRWIN-09/01/1863 -Nothing found

JAMES H. McCOLLUM-09/13/1864 - APPOINTED AGAIN 01/16/1865 - Born May 24, 1829.

JAMES W. FLETCHER-09/12/1865 - RESIGNED 01/01/1866 - Recorded County Clerk- November 10, 1865 - He sold personal property to B. L. Smith. This document was witnessed by Fremont County Justice of the Peace T. M. Richardson.

JOSEPH H. MACON-02/23/1866 - ALSO ELECTED 08/07/1866 TO FILL VACANCY - The Dacis's and the Macon's came to Canon City in 1865. Joseph had been a sheriff in Oskaloosa, Iowa. In 1869, he moved his family to Oswego, Kansas, where he also was sheriff and a banker. He died in 1906 after moving to Denver, Colorado.

CHARLES PAULS-08/13/1867, RESIGNED 04/11/1868 - Born in Baltimore, Maryland; arirved in Fremont County with a brother, Edward in 1862. Settled on Beaver Creek and later moved into Canon City and operated a furniture business. Recorded with the County Clerk November 30 1867 - Sale of property as sheriff or Fremont County to Augustus Macon from the estate of John H. Spaulding.

EDWARD L. TAYLOR-04/11/1868, ALSO 10/31/1868 - Recorded County Clerk on 10/6/1868 - Sale of personal property to A. Macon.


EDWARD CROUCH-02/06/1869 - Recorded with the County Clerk April 1869. Sheriff Crouch named former sheriff Edward L. Taylor-Under Sheriff.

ELI S. MCNULTY-09/06/1869 - On 09/20/1869, Sheriff McNulty appointed Benjamin F. Gloyd as his deputy. Document of appointment recorded Fremont County Clerk.