Organization Structure

The Chief of Police

The Chief of Police, Chief Chris Settle, is the commanding officer of the Department and with the assistance of the Deputy Chief provides efficient and effective police services to the residents and visitors of the Town of Culpeper. The Chief is responsible for the planning and direction of all Department activities and is the final authority in all matters of policy, operations, and discipline. The Deputy Chief oversees the Body-Worn Camera Program.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is overseen by Captain Tim Chilton and encompasses Patrol Operations, Community Policing, and Investigations. Patrol Operations is responsible for maintaining police officers in constant operational readiness for immediate response to any call for service requiring police presence. Community Policing is responsible for community outreach, Public Information, and public education. Investigations encompasses General Investigations and Street Crimes, and is responsible for investigating major crimes and crimes against quality of life. Captain Chilton also oversees the Narcan Program.

Patrol Operations

The three patrol platoons are headed by Lieutenant Kevin Tooley, Lieutenant Lonnie Myers, and Lieutenant Brittany Jenkins. Patrol officers are typically the first response to any type of police call for service and are prepared to respond to any emergency. This unit also includes our two dual purpose K-9’s, who are certified in patrol and narcotics detection, and one single purpose K-9 who is certified in narcotic detection.

Community Policing Operations

The Community Policing Operations is headed by Lieutenant Ashley Banks. This division is responsible for targeted traffic enforcement, crime prevention education, recruitment, parking enforcement, and special events among other duties. This unit also includes Public Information, which is responsible for coordinating press releases to the news media concerning Department activities and criminal incidents, and maintaining the Department’s social media presence.

General Investigations

The General Investigations division is headed by Lieutenant Andrew Terrill. This division investigates major criminal offenses such as burglaries, identity-fraud, vehicle theft, rapes, sexual assaults, robbery, homicide, aggravated assaults, and threats. They also investigate crime trends such as vehicle tamperings or larcenies from vehicles.

Street Crimes Unit

The Street Crimes Unit is headed by Sergeant Richard McKnight. This division handles narcotic investigations, wanted person apprehension, and quality of life crimes such as prostitution. They work in cooperation with the Blue Ridge Narcotics and Gang Task Force and the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office.

Support Division

The Support Division is overseen by the Deputy Chief and headed by Manager Stacey Nicholson. This division includes Police Administration and Records Center. They provide support services to the Chief, Operations Division, and Investigations Division. They handle record management, record requests, logistics, department grants, policy maintenance, and fleet management, among other areas. They are also responsible for produces internal and external publications such as the Annual Report.