Informational Bulletin - Counterfeit U.S. Currency



The Culpeper Police Department would like to bring public awareness to several recent counterfeit incidents that have occurred. Pictured above are examples of counterfeit bills that have been recently confiscated by our law enforcement officers. We have seen a heavy circulation of $100.00 bills, stamped with “GECERSIZDIR” on both the front and back corners of the bill. The term “gecersizdir” is a Turkish word that roughly translates to English as “invalid” or “non-negotiable.” Officers have also confiscated $50.00 bills that depict various Chinese characters and black stamped lines printed on the front and back of the bills. 

If anyone has any information on the distribution of this fake currency, please contact Det. J. Neal (PD31) at (540) 727-3430 ext. 5514 or contact our 24-hour non-emergency dispatch line at (540) 727-7900. Reference CPD Case #2108-0139. For anonymous tips, contact CrimeSolvers at (540) 727-0300 or

For information on the United States Secret Service counterfeit investigations, to report counterfeit currency or to learn more on how to spot counterfeit currency, please visit the Secret Service website at: http://www/

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Thursday, August 19, 2021 - 2:00pm

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