Vacation Home Check

Going out of town? Worried about the safety of your home while you are away? Complete a house check request and we will do a periodic check of the exterior of your home.

Please note, these requests are meant to be for short periods of time (2 weeks) and are not intended to keep a check on an extended-term permanently vacant property. Such requests may be denied. 

  • What is a House Check? Your house will be checked on by an Officer while you are away. The frequency depends on the manpower and availability of Officers during their shifts.
  • What does the Officer do when checking my house? The officer will notify dispatch that they are checking on the premises. They may spend more time in the area to show police presence, shine a light on the windows, or even physically walk around the residence to check for any suspicious activity. 
  • What happens if something is wrong? If the officer observes evidence of a burglary or other suspicious circumstances they will attempt contact with you or your designated emergency contact. Don't forget to give us your cell phone number in case of an emergency.

When completing the form below, please be as thorough as possible. An incomplete form may result in your request being delayed. 

Contact Info
Home Location
Map Marker

Hint, click the map to add or drag a GPS Marker. Zoom in for a better view.

Vacation Duration
Select the dates and times for when you leave and return.
Home Details
For each vehicle parked outdoors, please add its registration plate state/number, make, model and color in the "Notes" box below.
If somone is checking on your home while you are away, add their information in the "Notes" box below if different than your listed emergency contact person.
Emergency Contact
Enter details for the person who should be contacted in case of any emergency.
Home Summary
Enter additional information such as the make, model and color of vehicles left at home, pets left at home, light timers, alarm systems, visitors, etc.