Got a question about police operations, municipal court, background checks, case status, and more? Check this FAQ-Frequently Asked question list. 

How do I get a background check?

  • Go to 111 Victoria Place and pay a $25 service fee. Then, bring the receipt and your driver’s license/ID to the Police Department Front Desk in order to complete your background check. We will have a form for you to fill out. While we will generally fulfill this request right away, please allow up to three days for us to complete this request. 

Can you finger print people at the Police Department for employment, etc.?

  • Sorry, we are not offering fingerprinting services. Please contact the Thomas County Judicial Building at 229-225-4175 for finger printing.

What types of reports can be taken at the Front Desk?

  • Minor cases involving: Private property traffic accidents, damage to property, burglary/larceny, fraudulent activities/forgery, lost property, as well as missing persons. All other matters should be called into Thomas County Dispatch at 229.226.2101 (non-emergencies) or 9-1-1 (emergencies).

How can you request assistance installing a child safety seat in your vehicle? 

  • Contact Thomas County Dispatch at 229.226.2101 in order to request assistance from a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. They will have an officer meet with you to assist with checking your seat and ensuring that it is properly installed in your vehicle. 

Is there a “Safe Swap Zone” provided by the Thomasville Police Department?

  • Yes, there is a marked area in front of the Thomasville Police Department building which is designated as a “Safe Swap Zone” for citizens. The location is recorded by a CCTV camera 24/7.

Records/Police Reports/Court Case Questions: 

I got a traffic ticket or General Enforcement Summons for a city ordinance violation. Where do I pay my fine? 

  • BEFORE court date: Pay with Cash or credit card at 111 Victoria Place (Thomasville Utilities)
  • LATE/AFTER Court Date: Money order payable to the City of Thomasville at 921 Smith Ave (Police Department)

Where do I pay a school zone automated camera citation?

How can you obtain a police report or a traffic accident report?

  • You can request a copy of your report by coming to the front desk at 921 Smith Avenue, or by emailing the front desk officer at duane.treadon@thomasville.org

How do I make an open records request? 

  • Contact TPD Records Manager, Duane Treadon, at duane.treadon@thomasville.org or come by the police department and visit the front desk for an open records request form. 

Can I reschedule my Municipal Court date?

  • The only ways that you can get your municipal court date rescheduled are, (1) due to a death in the immediate family, or (2) being hospitalized at the time of your scheduled court appearance. Otherwise, all court dates are scheduled over a month in advance from the court date which is considered enough time to plan to attend your court appearance.  If you don’t appear then you may receive a Failure to Appear notice or a Bench Warrant may be issued.

How can you check to see if someone is in Thomas County Jail?

  • Contact The Thomas County Jail at 229-225-3312. 

      An officer took my property as evidence. How do I get it back? 

      • If your property was seized as evidence, it will not be available until resolution of the court case. If the case has already been resolved, you will need to contact the arresting Officer or Detective who seized your property. They’re the only personnel who can give permission to release the property. Detectives can be contacted by calling 229-227-3302. After they speak with you they will advise the Evidence Technician that the property can be released. After that you'll need to contact the Evidence Room and make an appointment to retrieve your property. You can contact the evidence room at 229-227-7049. 

      How do I contact the officer who is working my case?

      • If your case is a misdemeanor offense, then the officer that took your report is the assigned investigator.  If you do not know the name of the officer then call (229) 227-3249 and provide the case number that was provided to you.  A message will be left for that officer to contact you.
      • If your case is a felony offense, then the case will be turned over to the criminal investigations division.  A detective will be contacting you for further investigation.  You can contact the criminal investigations division at (229) 227-3302.

          Your neighbor’s dog barks all of the time…what can you do?

          • Contact Thomas County Dispatch at 229-226-2101 in order to request assistance. You can provide supportive evidence, photographs, video recordings, and documentation regarding a complaint to the responding Officer. (City of Thomasville Ordinance ARTICLE II. Section 4-27 Keeping of animals.  (c)) CoT Animal Ordinance

          What is the local ordinance for dogs running loose? 

          • No dog is permitted to be loose on public premises. Section 4-27 Keeping of animals. (b) Restraint requirement. Every owner of an animal shall keep such animal under control to prevent its being at large. When animals are off the owner's premises, they must at all times be under the direct control of such owner or other competent person by means of a secure leash, or other such device, not over ten (10) feet in length or secured within a vehicle. CoT Animal Ordinance

                Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®: https://crimewatch.net/us/ga/thomas/thomasville-pd/179080/faq/who-do-i-contact-follow-previously-reported-crime