Municipal Court/Records Unit



The Thomasville Municipal Court hears cases involving traffic citations and general enforcement summons issued by Thomasville Police Officers,  Thomasville Municipal Court also hears cases from City Code Enforcement and cases occurring inside the city limits from Thomas County Animal Control.  It also conducts School Safety Zone Notice hearings when requested by the person receiving the School Safety Zone Notice (camera tickets).  The Municipal court does not hear any other civil or property disputes.  Persons who have a civil or property matter should contact either Thomas County Magistrate Court or Probate court.

For inquiries about fine amounts, Municipal Court date, or other general court inquiries please call (229) 227-3301.

You can pay a citation in person at the City Administration building located at 111 Victoria Pl. Thomasville GA. (Drive thru service available). 

You can also pay a citation online by visiting 

If you received a School Safety Zone Notice in the mail, they can be paid online by visiting

Records Unit

Open Monday-Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm

The Records Unit of the Thomasville Police departments provides services for open records request, criminal background checks and records restriction.

Open Records Requests

Upon request and if meeting certain criteria as established in Georgia Law, records for incident reports and accidents can be released.  See below for some, but not all, limitations:

  • For accidents the requestor must be a party to or have an interest in the accident

    • was a driver or passenger,

    • owner of vehicle or property involved,

    •  Insurer of vehicle or property involved,

    • hold a lien on vehicle or property involved.

  • For accidents, if the requestor has no direct connection to the accident

    • A statement of need form must be filled out.

Criminal Background Check

Individuals can obtain a criminal background check for employment, licensing, or other non criminal justice reasons.  To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Pay a $25.00 fee at the City Administration Building located at 111 Victoria Pl Thomasville, GA  (advise cashier you want to pay for a background check)

  2. Bring the receipt and an official government photo ID to the Police department (921 Smith Ave. Thomasville GA)

  3. Fill out criminal background check form and submit with receipt of payment and photo ID.

Your information will be verified and the appropriate check will be completed based on purpose indicated on the form.

Record Restriction ( formerly known as 'expungement')

Certain criminal history records can be hidden or sealed from the public.  There are two processes that can be taken to request a review of record restriction as follow:

  • If the arrest date was before July 1, 2013

    • request a records restriction form from the arresting agency,

    • Completely fill out Section 1 of the form and return to the agency,

    • The arresting agency will fill out Section 2 and submit to prosecuting attorney's office, 

    • The prosecuting attorney's office will fill out Section 3,

      • After review, the prosecuting attorney's office will either approve or deny the request

      • Once a decision is made, the prosecuting attorney's office will notify the requestor and arresting agency,

    • If approved follow any instructions from the prosecuting attorney's office as there may be final steps to make the restriction official.