Mission, Vision, Values

The Thomasville Police Department is committed to:

Vigilance - Truthfulness - Tolerance

Thomasville Police Department's mission is to improve and maintain the quality of life within our community by working together to achieve a common goal: "A safe and secure city."

The Thomasville Police Department is a CALEA accredited organization.

Our Mission

In partnership with our community, Team Thomasville will deliver excellent and dependable public services while building trusting relationships through openness, inclusion and innovation.

Our Vision

A progressive and unified community providing an inviting place to live, work, play and prosper.

Our Values

Trustworthy and Dependable

We are dedicated to providing reliable services to our citizens and community.

Equal and Inclusive

We will empower a diverse and progressive culture to strengthen community partnerships.

Accountable and Transparent

We will maintain business practices that build community trust with openness, integrity, and accountability.

Modern and Innovative

We will execute creative plans and innovative strategies to bring sustainable growth to our entire community.