Uniformed Patrol Division

The Uniformed Patrol Division consists of employees assigned to the following areas:


  • 4 Patrol Sergeants
  • 2 K9 Officer
  • 9  Patrol Officers

SRO - School Resource Officers

  • 2 School Resource Officers

Patrol Section - is responsible for the day-to-day enforcement of Municipal and State Laws, and ensuring the safety of the community.  The safety of the motoring public is a primary responsibility of the Patrol Division.  To accomplish this officer’s use the latest in radar speed detection technology and are trained in accident investigation and DUI enforcement.  Patrol division has several opportunities for the growth of the officers that include: Bike Patrol and being a member of the Special Response Team (SRT). 

Special Response Team - in partnership with the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office the department provides a unified Special Response Team, which deploys for critical incidents such as: hostage situations, barricaded suspects, and service of high-risk search and arrest warrants. The safety and preservation of all human life is the team’s primary goal.  The Special Response Team is specially trained and equipped to resolve critical high-risk situations through negotiations or tactics.

School Resource Officers - These officers teach D.A.R.E., visit classrooms, collaborate with teachers to provide a safe educational environment, and handle calls that occur on the school grounds.

Commander - Doug Conrad is responsible for management and supervision of this section.  He can be reached at (970) 826-2360 or at dconrad@craigpolice.org