K9 Unit

The Craig Police Department K-9 unit is operated under the Uniformed Patrol Division. This is a specialized group of law enforcement officers who have specialized training to become a handler. The handler is partnered with a service dog who, in turn, lives fulltime with the handler and their family.

K9 units not only perform general police duties but are highly trained to perform a wide variety of specialized duties which may include:

  • Detecting illegal substances
  • Identifying individuals who may have come in contact with illegal substances
  • Tracking individuals
  • Doing building searches
  • Intervening when the handler might be in danger
  • Apprehending individuals
  • And many more task

Craig Police Department’s K9 handlers are  Corporal Grant Laehr and Officer Nate Baker

Craig Police Departments K9 Service Dog is Bane.

Both Corporal Laehr and Bane have had extensive training in numerous areas.

K9 Handler Nate Baker and K9 Odin joined the Craig Police Department in 2021.

K9 Odin is trained in a wide variety of patrol functions.